Has your closet in the entry of your home been taken over by shoes, toys, backpacks, games, books, coats, sports equipment, etc.?  Are you embarrassed to open the doors to hang your guest coats in?

Here are a few steps that you can take to reclaim the closet in your entry:


  1. Hang only the current season’s coats and/or jackets.  Move the out of season clothing to a different closet or storage bin and rotate these with each season.
  2. Make sure you have enough hangers for every article of clothing being hung plus a few extras for guests.
  3. Consider placing hooks either on the inside of the closet door or closet wall for kids to use to hang their own coats on as well as their backpacks.
  4. Place a shoe rack or shelving unit or basket on the floor to store the shoes that are worn on a daily basis for that season.  The out of season shoes can be stored in a different closet or bin.
  5. Create zones within the closet for other items that you want handy.  Examples:  Using part of the upper shelf for storing board games that are played regularly or a bin on the floor to store the baseball glove and ball or a basket for hats and mitts in the winter and then suntan lotion, bug stray and  hats for the summer.
  6. Set a new rule to not put things in the closet that don’t belong there.

Entries to the home are one of the important areas to keep clutter free and organized.  It’s what greets you every time you walk through the front door.

Clothes You Hope to Fit Into Someday!

If you’re reading this, then chances are this is something you can relate to.

This is one of those take action tasks recommendations for this weekend!  It’s time to evaluate your closet space (and if you’re really up for it…tackle the dresser as well).

Find all the clothing that you “hope to fit in again one day” and lay them on your bed. You just might be surprised at the amount you’ve been storing. 😉

Now comes the hard part. If you have several different sizes, choose only 1 pair of pants and 1 shirt that you want to keep in that size. That’s right only 1 of each!!! Let’s face it…why are you hanging on to these? How does it make you feel when you go through your closet and all you see is what doesn’t currently fit? You feel terrible! You feel like a failure!  No more!  The exception to this is if you are close to wearing the next size…you can get them on, but they are a bit too snug for the world to see you wearing them. 😉 In this case, hang on to your favorites…and let the rest go!

In general, your closet (and dresser drawers) should only hold what you absolutely LOVE and can currently wear. Off season clothes should be packed away as well as the clothes that don’t fit. If fact, they shouldn’t take up ANY room at all! PERIOD. I do however believe it’s a good idea to keep one pair of pants and 1 shirt as a gauge of how you’re weight loss is going. But believe me…once you reach you’re goal…the last thing you’ll want to do is wear the wardrobe that’s been hanging there for years….you are going to want some new things to reward yourself for all the hard work. Am I right or is it just me?  🙂

If you absolutely must keep more than that…place those “wish I could fit” clothes into a bin and place them in storage! (Like in an under the bed storage container or closet elsewhere in the home like you do for your “off season” clothing).

Have fun clearing space!  🙂

Don’t Give Up!

Don't Give Up!

True failure comes when we give up and stop trying….

However, if you struggle, fall and feel defeated…don’t give up!   Dig deeper, see your true value, love yourself enough to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, forgive yourself for whatever you did to temporarily slip up and keep on moving forward.

Think of a child learning to walk and all the times, they stood and fell, took one step and fell, took two steps and fell….then barely stood and fell.  Over and over and over again…but eventually…they mastered it!  They succeeded!  You will too! 🙂

Think of all the struggles throughout school…learning to write, do math, learn an instrument, sport, etc. etc.  It didn’t happen overnight…there were many struggles….but you didn’t give up!

You are a winner!

You are reading this, probably because you’ve,  at some point on your journey,  felt like a failure.  I can totally relate to that!

But don’t focus on what you haven’t yet accomplished or what you’ve done in the past.  Focus instead on what you are doing TODAY to move you forward in the direction you want to go.  AND even if you don’t believe you’ll ever get there, do it anyways….for now…go through the motions and before you know it, the belief will come and you’ll be unstoppable!

I want you to list your long term goal(s) and then break it (them) down.  Create reasonable, manageable steps that you can do each month, each week and daily.

Create doable goals…not far out there ones … “setting yourself up for failure” goals!  Baby steps…start small and when your momentum starts to build, then you can modify your goals and go a little more crazy! 😉

Is your goal to lose weight?  Be specific.  How much weight and by what date?  Then break it down.  Lets say your goal is to lose 20 lbs. by June (4 months).  Each month you’d have to lose 5 pounds to reach that goal.  What’s your plan?  What workout will you commit to doing? (contact me…if you need help choosing)  You’ll have to track your calorie intake…how? (which I recommend).   How much water will you drink each day to help with your weightloss?  (recommend adding two glasses to whatever you are currently drinking…if this is a struggle for you to start…working your way up to 8!)

Is your goal to get more organized.  Tackle one room at a time, one drawer at a time, one flat surface at a time…again, baby steps!  🙂


 I absolutely believe in you!  DO YOU???


Today’s Challenge:

Empty your sock drawer onto your bed.

Immediately sort pairs together.

Discard any single socks, any socks you no longer wear, any frayed or ‘holey’ socks.

Arrange like colors/types together and put them back in drawer.

Bid the others farewell!


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