Has your closet in the entry of your home been taken over by shoes, toys, backpacks, games, books, coats, sports equipment, etc.?  Are you embarrassed to open the doors to hang your guest coats in?

Here are a few steps that you can take to reclaim the closet in your entry:


  1. Hang only the current season’s coats and/or jackets.  Move the out of season clothing to a different closet or storage bin and rotate these with each season.
  2. Make sure you have enough hangers for every article of clothing being hung plus a few extras for guests.
  3. Consider placing hooks either on the inside of the closet door or closet wall for kids to use to hang their own coats on as well as their backpacks.
  4. Place a shoe rack or shelving unit or basket on the floor to store the shoes that are worn on a daily basis for that season.  The out of season shoes can be stored in a different closet or bin.
  5. Create zones within the closet for other items that you want handy.  Examples:  Using part of the upper shelf for storing board games that are played regularly or a bin on the floor to store the baseball glove and ball or a basket for hats and mitts in the winter and then suntan lotion, bug stray and  hats for the summer.
  6. Set a new rule to not put things in the closet that don’t belong there.

Entries to the home are one of the important areas to keep clutter free and organized.  It’s what greets you every time you walk through the front door.


Today’s Challenge:

Empty your sock drawer onto your bed.

Immediately sort pairs together.

Discard any single socks, any socks you no longer wear, any frayed or ‘holey’ socks.

Arrange like colors/types together and put them back in drawer.

Bid the others farewell!


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