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I love helping people declutter and organize their homes within their own unique personal “clutter threshold” (personal inventory they can manage) and organizing style.

STEP 1 – DECLUTTERING:  Most important is decluttering!  Organizing comes later not before!  I believe in the “teach them to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime.”   I will NOT show up and create “more of a mess before it get’s better” by pulling everything out first and filling a TON of bins.  If you prefer that method, there are many other organizers that do this method and will be happy to assist you.

Instead, I will work alongside of you and teach you “hand’s on” how to declutter without creating a mess to deal with after I’m gone.  The beauty of this system is we can stop at any time and your space will be more functional.  This is the process I get the MOST hesitation about before we start, but after an hour, when my client, “get’s it”, is also what I receive the most positive feedback about.  They feel empowered to tackle other areas on their own and for me that’s the most rewarding!  Mission Accomplished!  🙂

STEP 2 – ORGANIZING:  After the decluttering process is completed, we organize!  Every member of the family is unique and so is their organizing style.  Examples:  Some people love to see their things more visible and others want it hidden.  Some prefer filing paper, while others prefer a piling system.  Both examples work and one is not better than the other.  What matters is which works for YOU and YOUR family best!  We will organize your space depending on your unique organizing style.

I look forward to working side by side with you and helping you declutter and organize your home.  Click here to book your appointment.

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